Rules And Regulations

Golden Rule!

You may not by any stance make fun of or bash upon M.I.T.S. or it's logic. To some this is a sacred thing let alone just a story and it can become offensive if people do not watch their tongues.

  1. Rule I: A writer should not be denied an idea that was added to their personal world, although it might be edited or tweaked depending on the situation of everyone elses personal tales.
  2. Rule II: A person should not define themselves as all powerful just because the senior writers are much stronger then a newb. They have been through a lot of enemies and wars and other conflicts. In M.I.T.S. the more you suffer the more is gained from it.
  3. Rule III: Excuses are NOT tolerated unless it is of important family issues or if it has to do with dedication to a lover for some occasion.
  4. Rule IV:If a character disappears, don't assume they are near by you. Please ask in an Outside Note.
  5. Rule V:If your going to use a meme use it responsibly, there are copyrights we have to obey from the law. Don't get us in trouble because you thought it would be funny.
  6. Rule VI:Don't derive TOO far from the source material, or it will ruin and compromise the whole base
  7. Rule VII:If you have unaccounted for event please start a forum page and fill us in please! ALL information must be collected to fill in the story.
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