Mindscape is an inner land, that is perceived by the head in which it inhabits. The mindscape has been a gateway to the inner self since the beginning of time. Even though not many people are gifted enough to find the way in, it does not mean they do not have a mindscape to go to. If you live your life by logic and logic only then you will never find your way in. People with over active imaginations usually find the door into the mindscape, called a Hilcyzt, and kinda stumbles into all of its secrets over time. Most of the inhabitants are figments, but there is a also things know as nightmares there as well. The more people seem to visit the less the real world becomes stable to them, so be warned, do not spend all of your time in mindscape or the real world become a blur to you.


In mindscape it does not follow the exact time of the Earth, but can vary according to who's the head of the body in witch the mindscape is found in. Some cases multi-able days and nights can go by in the mindscape as the real day has not even gotten to lunch yet. Other cases it takes multi-able days here to just get to night in mindscape. The world of mindscape is very complex, and sometimes unexplained, but some Figmentologist think it is because of the way the head thinks. If the thinker is left brained or Right brained…but it is only a theory.

Worship and Religion

There is religion within mindscape, just as Shere is religion in the real world. Most of recent studies have proven that they worship a family of deities, but more in particular, the daughter of the two great creators. They call this small girl, she on High; or SoH for short. She is said to be up in a flying sanctuary city know as Eternia, thanks to more recent encounters. Little is known about why they have come to worship Her or what happened to the religion of humans, but Figmentologist are looking into it.

Counter Examples and Myths

Some logical thinkers believe that it is only the imagination of the head that sees all of this and hears voices. Others believe that this place called the mindscape is really the garden of Eden. Another odd myth is that the mindscape comes as a trap from the devil to make people leave the real world and drop into a coma, never to wake up. But it has been confirmed that this is the inner world created by the gifted.

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