Kyle Foglio


Kyle J. Foglio is a sick bodied, temperamental soul, meek hearted, not the first to think human male of 17-18 of age. His date of birth is the first of March and is of blue eyes and blond brown hair. he is 6"1' tall and weighs around 250 pounds. Discovered his mindscape at the young age of 5 but due to his over active imagination he thought it was all not real. Became more in depth with his mindscape at the age of 8 and had to suffer through The First War of Ipris when one of his figments went rough and tried to destroy him. the war ended at the age of 10 and he locked away the mindscape until he was in the first year of high school. That is where he met up with an elite group of mind warriors called the White Thorns. He re-entered the world that he locked away for four years, to find out that things were bad. The The Second War of Ipris was just beginning. That war ended earlier the year of 2008. Now is currently dead and an angel ambassador of time, and leader of the White Thorns. After all that had happened, Kyle was the prime subject of the event come to be known as the Kokoro Incident, in which horrid trauma happened and Evett was lost from the metal society. Kyle respects and valors her choice now keeping his life low brow and non-open in most cases. Cokoron has been eliminated and Kyle did pay up for the working crimes and madness caused by his own heart. Life has been quite for his first daughter is dead now and he has lost his heart. Recently found that Arca is alive after being gone for 8 years! He doesn't know how he can speak to her because she was found working for posers and trying to kill him in a fight to the death in the crags. Is dealing with sooooooooo many conflicts often is found crying or randomly looking away. Has to admit that has to bottle ALMOST ALL his feelings away, but he does it for a very noble cause, is trying to work to gain the trust of any girl so he can regain the spark that was lost because of his own stupidity. Has been open ended in a new goal ever since the future wars have begun, and with these new found duties he found new inspiration to live, for knowing that in his years in college before 2012 when the angels return to take back their planet, will be great! But this will only come true if he successfully helps unlock more people's mindscapes and forming an army to stop people from the future from changing the present in a worst way.
Created an army called "Harmony" and made it to unite mindscapes in eternal freedom from AGOSS. Freedom has been gained as the leader of Harmony Arms proudly finishes his job as the White King, and now…he seems to want to live a mundane life. Maybe a fisherman…or an explorer of unknown Swiker.


Has always been clumsy with his hands so swords were bad weapon in his hands, and had the worst aim so projectiles are out. But when it comes to balance weapons he was very good at. He is an ax man but can also use claws and any other balance weapons. is a semi master at the whirling rain style of ax mastery and tri-striking of claw arts. Is now officially a master of the perfect defense stance, Hie Koy, and also is now training in the art of Chaos Passion ax techniques.


Arcabellelin: She has fiery orange hair and her mothers eyes and fathers nose, she is a very active, talky baby. Loves her father to the brim of her heart. Is having mental issues and repression problems.
Katy Foglio: Not so mysterious now, second child of Kyle, she has the power of jiggly soul and cute horns >.< . She is one of the children of the most resent triplets.
Duster Foglio: Third child of Kyle, surprisingly one of three triplets with two girls and one boy. Has Ashy brown hair and looks very close to his father.
Comatura Foglio: Fourth child of Kyle, is shy and timid, and has the looks of her mother…She also likes water a lot.
Melody Foglio: Fifth child of Kyle, she is a singing baby, and half machine to boot. Likes to be a little attention hog and keep her parents from keeping there eye off her.


Poppipula Foglio: First grandchild of Kyle, She seems to be very happy even though the time she comes from a time that sucks balls. She came to the past through an accidental rip in time that we all caused. First Foglio family member to be able to do magic


Here is a list of all his figments:

  • PJ (Joey)
  • Yoyo
  • Lilith
  • Patchwork
  • Piripori
  • Kamen
  • Ito
  • Iori
  • Guu
  • Feathers
  • Xinx
  • Mr. N
  • Addicus
  • Rei
  • Cazza
  • Cogz
  • Arcabellelin
  • and at least 185 more…

Eight Neo Manias

As of 2010, after the journey to the deepest recesses of his dreamscape, the recent discovery of a very old forgotten friend happened, Kelic has returned. After his plan using Vera failed he pulled one last revenge schem, taking the ability to "love" out of him and causing Swiker to collapse! Losing stability in his life, manias showed their ugly heads, but each on of them mischife making manias have deamed themselves as "Neo manias" for some reason. Below are a list of the manias and their real world equivalnces.

  • Deavonii: He is a grim looking figure with a cloak and scyth, his looks reflect the grim reaper, and he is Kyle's fear of Love ones and self Dying, in other words Thanatophobia.
  • Skreeee: He is all twitchy and speaks total nonsense, his jittering and crackpot theories are all part of his nature, he is Acute Paranoia.
  • Ovole: She looks and has bee features, she also speaks with her Ss turned to Zs, she represents Kyle's obsession with bees, or in better words Apimania.
  • Met-Met-Kel: He shudders and looks around a lot, although he seems to walk and walk and walk not looking where he is going, he is Kyle's Pacing problem, Ecdemomania in the real world.
  • Beww: She wears skimpy cloths and laughs waaaaaay too much, her physical appearence is a dead give away to what mania she is, but for the clueless she is his constant obsession with sex, Hypersexuality in the real world.
  • Ganai: He is a nerdy fellow and he seems to build machines as well as having a mech suit of his own. He loves making video game references and being all digital. He is an odd mania known as technophiliaism…I know…NERRRRRRD!
  • Quin and Qual: These twins are both very pathetic, one being skinny and barely able to fight, as the other a bumbleing moron bearly able to talk. They each represent something diffrent, the skinny one represents the fear of weakness or being weak, Asthenophobia, and the dumb one represents the fear of being forgotten or ignored or lost, Athazagoraphobia.


Other Notes

Has an evil self going around and messing with all his life, the Agents are working for this evil Kyle with his children from the future, known as the four deadly Foglios.

Is alive once more…

Is at war again, against all of the 8 Highest Powers of Everything, currently going to find and fight Satan for the second sign.

9 years has past in the mindscape world since the Kokoro Incident.

Is not a bad person, Just tries to solve problems without help. Has changed since then supposedly…

Wishes he could have been a father instead of a scarred up Tyrant nut-job trying to get repopulation of the last 77 surviving humans with one another.

The White King is Free

AGOSS and Kyle have some connection to something called "the Rainbow of Traeh", this is the ultimate clensing, the Boss of AGOSS and younger cousin of Kyle, Jason Getka, was purified by this.

The White King has Retired…:D

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