Itamar Ben Amos


He is a Jewish human from the world of blue. He now has a mindscape, although it is still very underdeveloped. He has curly brown hair and glasses. He has blue eyes that look like they are yellow. He is about 6"2 and has a personality that reflects friendship and wittiness. He was dragged into Kyle's mind to help repair the damage done and fight off all the new warding enemies.


He handles a scythe as his primary weapon and also has the ability of nightmarish magic of fire! His master is Johnny of the alleys in hell! He has to train from a book and then go demonstrate to his master every other week, then he may advance on in his training. Now has the eight locks of hell burned into his arm, sealing the fire of Viz until such time that he unlocks them, each lock unsealing a greater fire. To unlock all of them, only Zohe and Arashi know the password and how to reseal them. Has recently acquired headphones that play any type of music he wishes, allowing him to implement his own tempo based fighting style (see Music Tempo Fighting). Has recently staved off an attack by the Drak'Royal on himself and his world, and now has a nifty black metal scythe that absorbs his fire in exchange for making the metal superheated and on fire with the strength of his flame!

Currently known magic:
Cailus Radia
Cailus Vol Radia (a bigger Cailus Radia)
Novus Doi Vattle
Caliento Ruffis
Cailus Diinon Apuchu (Fire Coyote)
Arhus Ress Tre Cailus (Spread Blast Triple Fire)
Sy Sy Cailus Nublios Bomi (Bam Bam Fire Drive Bomb)
Del Zandrick Cal Ban (Four Hammer: Fire Power)
Meda Heli Diabos (Mark of Hell Devil)

List of Figments

  • Meldis - Figment representing Itamar's drowziness. Really laid back, has a habit of randomly falling asleep. Has the power to superheat his hands to extremely high temperatures.
  • Hilenia - represents Itamar's friendliness. Is a bit happy-go-lucky, and can sometimes act a bit ditzy, but is otherwise a pure soul.
  • Siz- a baby figment that kyle found and rescued when exploring a mysterious volcano that appeared in Figgle. Has green hair and thinks Arashi is a Seal. Also thinks Itamar is his dad.
  • Jikaa- Mother of Siz. Is a very naturey person, doesn't like to wear much clothing. CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH! comes from an ancient race of people from beneath the sea, which were wiped out by the Immortal Drak-royal.
  • Brago- a Figment with shocking blue hair, that sticks straight up, much like super saiyan hair, but shorter. He stands about 6 feet tall, has horns coming from the sides of his forehead, wears a vest in a dragon scale pattern, and wears baggy cargo pants. He has the ability to turn into a large dragonic creature. He is very calm, although it is currently unknown what part of the psyche he represents, if at all.

Other Notes

Catches on quickly and is not afraid to react in a dire situation. Has a logical calculating mind that can adapt well to most situations, but can sometimes be a bit too trusting for his own good.

THE ONLY person that Cokoron will talk to, the rest of the time he ACTS Mute…

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