Francis Brattlestone


Also goes by the name of Torck, He is a bit chubby and he is of the Hispanic background. He doesn't know how to be mature and his mindscape is like a feudal paradise. Has some kind of issue with himself and doesn't like to lose fights. He has black hair and hazel eyes and is around 6"4' feet tall, also has an attitude toward people that hurt his friends. Still looks for a way to get himself to go to hell and not Victorium. He is 18 and first found his Mindscape at the age of 14, it's still all just a party to him with his figments.


He is a shinobi of the fifth degree and he is a tough one at best, not only that he is a master of two kinds of spear arts. He trains over excessively with his master and seems like one of the most prepared for battle. Be aware he is full of ninja tricks and traps, stealing from him is quite hard.


  • Meyawa: She is only a few months old and she seems to be…ummmm is a baby. Not to fond to her mother and her father is confused. Loves to eat gando melons~<3!

List of Figments

  • Thatch
  • Mirra
  • Cheeze
  • Backster
  • Kikimo
  • Kekemo
  • Hera
  • Jous
  • Leston
  • Babarochi
  • Lags
  • Banda
  • and a few more…

Other Notes

Has one child now and new to this whole father thing, good for him
Arashi's Best Friend, and known him since the 6th grade.
Likes to push people to the rim and then drag them back to test their metal strain and decision making skills.

Had proposed with the help of Arashi, a search party to find the elite guardian of earth, Veronica, location in the many realms of existence, when presented the proposal was shot down due to one too many conflicts between both he and his friend Arashi and the system of power in Victorium.

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