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The end of the tower of hells is near, as the birgade that were taken in by the forces of AGOSS to play this game of climb and survive now have beaten and purified the rank 4 pure heart. With Only 3 Heroes Ten Remaining the war is sure to come to an end soon…that is if they survive. Many dangers are ahead and we will keep you up to post on the situation. Jason…you are going down!!

The Final Three by KelicKelic, 04 Mar 2010 14:00
We need ART
KelicKelic 10 Dec 2009 13:35
in discussion General Days / General » We need ART

Alright to make a long story shorter, We have fan art, but we have only like 2 pictures…I will look around for someone willing to draw more or people who are part of a drawing community looking for ideas, but I am afraid that we need to buff this lack of art work up a notch. People who have Ideas, please spread them on the table

We need ART by KelicKelic, 10 Dec 2009 13:35

I am pissed at the damn wheel, alls I ever get is Maruyama space! FUCK IT! I should take that space off the wheel!

Maruyama fever! by KelicKelic, 03 Dec 2009 19:26

The Draconian Corps are being prepped for battle, readying themselves for the upcoming battle against AGOSS. As the preparations are under way, Zoharious continues searching for the white bearded man, and hopefully, a strong ally.

Preparing for War by superjew311superjew311, 30 Nov 2009 20:54

With the return of the Burn Builders into Figgle society, there is now an actual blacksmith and smithy in working order. The Wave Makers have begun weaving, sewing, and leather making. a few of them have also become scholars, researching knowledge that was lost before. There is also a Tavern, with open bar for any of those from Harmony Arms.

Re: The Economy of Figgle by superjew311superjew311, 30 Nov 2009 15:20
AGOSS fight
superjew311superjew311 30 Nov 2009 13:59
in discussion Figgle News / Recent Events » AGOSS fight

After using subterfuge to attack AGOSS's operations in the Wave Maker city, Zohe finally confronted Maruyama, who later was learned to actually just be an android while the real one was attacking Swiker. After a long and drawn out fight, Zohe was finally able to rally the Wave Makers to his call and hit Maruyama with a shield blowing Maruyama into the ocean. The Wave Makers then dove after him not fearing the explosions as they are invulnerable in water and ripped him apart. With Maruyama out of the way, Zohe took his place as ruler of the Wave Makers and the few remaining Burn Builders. However, with the discovery of the alter personality, named Alt by Zohe, Zohe now searches for the white bearded man who Maruyama sealed under the ocean, in hopes of discovering a way to release him and get help sealing the Ego from himself.

AGOSS fight by superjew311superjew311, 30 Nov 2009 13:59

Skylark, the friend of Zohe has joined the fight against AGOSS. After being formally introduced to the Mindscapes in Swiker, Skylark was then briefly brought into Figgle, where Zohe continued his explanations about the mindscapes and the rules of MITS.

Skylark joins the fight by superjew311superjew311, 30 Nov 2009 13:48

In most recent madness of Swiker, there was a lovely reunion of the Foglio family and immediately the next day an assassination attempt happened. Arashi was poisoned by needles and then suffered a hallucination attack beyond most measures. After being found only by luck and put onto the detox for this poison Maruyama 10 showed his ugly face. But instead of being as useless as his normal attacking self he actual spilled out some interesting things. There is now a watch out for another Bounty hunter of AGOSS, Mistress 5. He also spilled out that their plan of hybridization is going to be achieved from their new HQ that was built in Victorium and also that they are on the defensive because of the recent Harmony Arms victories. Then after the chit chat was done, the poison kicked in and he used his new babutech body, the tail hanger, to attack the weakened Arashi by flying extremely fast in an orbit and slamming him against everything. He was rescued by Cokoron and PJ.

Poisoned and Smashed by KelicKelic, 30 Nov 2009 04:19

New Content done! Check it out people!

HEY! It's our good friend Spuds!


The Groper in Action and Perfected:

New Weapons and Kamen's Shop!

Next Up! Sewers East, Fire Orb and Clone Leaf Side Quest, And Uapo Beach and Sea of Tears…

Re: M.I.T.S the Game by KelicKelic, 23 Nov 2009 13:09
Getting More Done
KelicKelic 20 Nov 2009 13:24
in discussion General Days / General » M.I.T.S the Game

Progress is going good with the game!

M.I.T.S. Power Strike
Game Progress List

Swiker 8%
Figgle 0%
Towns 10%
Sewer System 2%
Sanctuarys 13.5%
Jumperways 88%
Other 4.7%

Coding Work:
Base Script 100%
Bosses 2%
Enemies 15.5%
Tools 23%
Dialouge 6.3%
Cutscenes 4%

Other Junk
Weapons 18%
Sprites 10%
Tiles 45%
Music 22%
Title 75%
Video 0%

Title screen!

Getting More Done by KelicKelic, 20 Nov 2009 13:24

Despite popular belief, AGOSS is not a problem that we can deal with right at the moment. They are not really showing any activity or any kind of prerogative, even though there was a recent incident in Swiker about this. For now it's peaceful times and if that isn't the case then come and show yourself to Arashi and you can become a member of the new elite core of peace makers in the Earo Space called Harmony Arms. The Harmony Arms fight for freedom and perfect justice among all beings of this dimension. So if you want to help us create an eternal peace come to Swiker and enlist today!

AGOSS, Threat for later by KelicKelic, 15 Nov 2009 19:19

OOOOOHHH so that's the panther person was, Coba festival sounds fun. I didn't go last year, but I will totally go this time around. Hopefully the new little one will be here by then so everyone can see it.

Re: Tragic Destiny and Coba Day by KelicKelic, 15 Nov 2009 19:14

i'm just glad its finally over…now we can explore Figgle!

Re: End of the Crown by superjew311superjew311, 13 Nov 2009 18:19

-Meldis has begun experimenting with his power of super heating his hands and creating metal from the sand in Figgle. It is hoped that soon he will be able to become an apprentice to Kamen and learn the ways of a blacksmith so as to perfect his craft.

-Hilenia, wishing to be useful, has begun teaching herself how to sew, making pieces of clothing from the remains of nightmares that Itamar practiced his scythe handling on. So far she can make gloves and such, as still getting better over time.
-Brago, when learning that everyone needs to work to get the economy started, has been disappearing for long amounts of time and when asks shrugs off the questions. He has however, asked and received a hammer and chisel from Meldis, but it is still unknown as to what he is really using them for.

The Economy of Figgle by superjew311superjew311, 13 Nov 2009 17:14

While exploring a volcano raised by Kyle in Figgle from the deep, purply deeps of the oceans, a zone temporarily named the white zone was found, where Siz's mother, Jikaa, was discovered and rescued. Later, after the Fortagon craziness ended and Itamar was able to return to his mindscape, Kyle came back later and again ventured into the white zone with Itamar and Itamar's newest figment, Brago. The cause of this little exploration trip was the wish to find out more about Jikaa's race, and the cause of their near extinction. After finding the small area where Jikaa was originally found, and ran into two bounty hunters, who had been looking for Brago, apparently a runaway from the kingdom that Kyle and Itamar could not see before, which they identified as the kingdom of the Wave Makers. After getting some powder into the eyes however, dispelling an illusion, allowing Kyle and Itamar to see that the "white zone" was really a huge kingdom, complete with late victorian architecture and castle with forest nearby. one of the bounty hunters attempted to capture Brago, but Itamar and Kyle were able to stop him long enough to allow Brago to become his dragon form, and carry them off and away from the bounty hunters. Upon leaving the volcano, Itamar and Kyle saw that the large birdlike creature that had until recently been living in the volcano, was lying on the side of the volcano, dead. After clearing the volcano, the volcano sank back into the sea, leaving no trace, while at the same time, the Island that had originally been what Figgle had started from rose from the ocean, becoming a plateau on a mountain, raised about 600ft above the sea evel.

The Wave Makers by superjew311superjew311, 13 Nov 2009 17:02

Shut up! I told you this was planned upon a while before the whole fortagon mess happened!

Re: End of the Crown by KelicKelic, 12 Nov 2009 15:44

After a whole confrontation from Meyawa from the future. There was a lot learned about the death of Torck. Now that he knows what to aviod he is not going to make the same mistake twice, but there was a mysterious thing that what said as his future daughter faded away due to the changing of the future. It haunts him now, but he will get over it because he is a ninja like that. In other news it is almost time for Coba day, and the celebration this year is going to better then ever. All to celebrate the great hero Coba and how he saved everyone in the burning city Kagobi. So don't forget to come and celebrate getting drunk on the fun!

Tragic Destiny and Coba Day by TorckTorck, 12 Nov 2009 15:13

My girl is actually helping you make this, she never told me. But then again I never asked so I guess the eggs on my face. I think this would be great because there are too many plot holes right now. We need to have them fixed!

Re: M.I.T.S. Miniseries by TorckTorck, 12 Nov 2009 15:07

Where is the part about you knocking up Emily-chan at?

Re: End of the Crown by TorckTorck, 12 Nov 2009 15:05

hahahahahaha….For SoH sake, how did he unlock on his first try! Jeez man…

Re: And so, Figgle is born by TorckTorck, 12 Nov 2009 15:05
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