Evett Hawks


Evett Hawks is twice heart transplant recipient , She is fifteen (16 now) years old and is about 4'11 in height She is African American and speaks modern English .She was introduced to her own mindscape at the age of 12 she has up to 8 figments that live in her mindscape. She helps whenever she can. She is dating Len(Stephen), and is also side jobbing with Feathers. She got Married to Feathers but then dedicated her love to Len. Many problems have occurred because of this. Is currently arguing with herself. Has been out of the mindscape world for 8 years, and is unknown if her's still exist. Last known to be living a happy and full life on the outside, with everyone having her in their prayers.


She was introduced to kyle's mindscape earlier in the year and later on was dubbed a white thorn. but happily retired from them by force.


Her weapon is kunai and she uses it in range attacks. she is skilled in ninja arts but none of the junk you see on "naruto". Also a skilled in fast action sword techniques.


She is a mother of several children, they are:

  • Azure Hawks: azure is more than 3 months old and is half human and half figment his hair jet black and he looks as a human baby only with a devils tail which is also black like his father's
  • Iva Hawks:the sister of iven hawks is skilled in jutsu techniques .
  • Iven Hawks:the brother of iva hawks skilled in throwing kunai


Here is all of her figments with in her mindscape:

  • Mistress Black Rose
  • Hope
  • Anger
  • Pillows
  • Aqua
  • Osa
  • Blanket

Other Notes

Has a necklace with 20% of her husbands soul in it.

Has vanished for a while, Still searching for her. <—-Was brought upon to send out a search party through the many dimensions of the white space, but was revoked by the angels due to concrete obstructions and mild Victorium overpass regulations. Currently a big debate in Victorium Court.

One of the 77 remaining humans of the future.

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