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This is the official M.I.T.S. encyclopedia to the mind and beyond. It is a good source for you newbies out there, so come in, relax, and don't touch stuff that you should not be touching! PLEASE JOIN US! IT'S FUN AND WE HAVE FORUMS!



The site has only started…news will be here later.~Leader of the White Thorns, Kelic Whitefang

Please remember to keep Miss Purelily in your prayers, Stay strong and fight the lock! ~Leader of the White Thorns, Kelic Whitefang

Hello All…I will be working a stary on this wiki…so…please bare with me…… ~Leader of the White Thorns, Kelic Whitefang

I wish to abide my apologies to Ms. Hawks for my unneeded outburst, I am pushing the blame of personal stress upon her and I should keep my own problems with life to myself. I am so sorry for me going all crazy on you, Ms. Hawks.~Leader of the White Thorns, Kelic Whitefang

A most unfitting event of war has been called against the enemy syndicate of the Black Roses, please be alerted for Agents have been seen smashing sanities.~ "M.A.P.P.Y."

Added a glossary and soon a shout box…for you people to come in…~Kelic…the forgotten hated one

Back to filling this up with many updates! I am back from war and hell of a tired from it…but at least tomorrow will now be brighter then before.~Arashi

Can't strain how much of a pain things have been.~Arashi

Well, Now I am hear at nowhere, what do I do? Please help me…~Arashi

What chaos bestows us on these days of the Earo Space Age? Are we cursed to live in the wake of Irons all our lives, R.I.P. Arca~Arashi

Preparing for new and better things, having a small conflict and children are freaking out. Wow…~Arashi

Now with the return of Torck and some new members, we can now help fix what was destroyed :3~Arashi The unforgivable apparently

The Tournament is restarting tonight! Be their if you already signed in for it, they are continuing with B-Blocks fights so be ready B-Block fighters. I am gonna be in the crowd if I can, fight to the best of your soul peeps!~Trock *awesome face*

Looking for a special place to make a statement on the grounds that we need fighters for the war, please put contact in the forums.~Arashi

All members fill this out! ASAP!! ~Arashi

Forums have been Upgraded! New Story is being Developed, Animated version may be coming soon, and best of all! A M.I.T.S. Mini-series will be written by Arashi-kun, Cosmi-chan, and Purelily-chan. Oh boy there is a lot of M.I.T.S. out there~Arashi

M.I.T.S. is not canceled, I am giving it one last shot…don't let me down~Arashi, the White King

It's time, a new War Saga has begun and this one is quite exclusive, You might be able to get a spot if you request one. All mindscape owners are required to come.~Arashi, the White King

Only one flagship left, is it over for Harmony Arms…? Stay tuned…~Arashi, The White King

A plan is set, the secrets out and the White King is ready with his friends at his side, time to take out the sub-station~Arashi, The White King

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